The CIP assessment is available on the JvR Online system

“JvR and I are delighted to announce that the CIP assessment is now officially live on the JvR Online system. As you are aware, the MCM, too, went online about one year ago. We hope the CIP will help many users discover their central life themes, connect the many dots in their micro-, meso-, and macro-career life stories, bolster their sense of self, foster their identity formation, and experience first-hand that magic happens when they move forward.”

I thank Dr Jopie de Beer, Mrs Jani Wiggett, as well as all our other colleagues who contributed to publishing the CIP (and the MCM) online. Colleagues, you really are the very best. Words alone cannot express my gratitude and my sincere gratitude for exceptional help and support. It has been an amazing and most educative experience to work with an learn from you.