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We are committed to providing high-quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in career counseling and professional writing. We offer a diverse range of workshops that cater to various aspects of career counselling and academic excellence.

Workshop Schedule and Reporting

Our CPD workshops are scheduled throughout the year to ensure you have ample opportunities to participate and benefit from these educational experiences. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Integrating the Maree Career Matrix and the Career Interest Profile in Career Counselling

Learn how to effectively combine the Maree Career Matrix with the Career Interest Profile to offer comprehensive career counseling.

Career Construction Counselling Using Earliest Recollections

Explore the innovative technique of using clients’ earliest recollections to guide career construction counseling.

Life Design Counselling

Discover the principles and practices of Life Design Counseling to help clients design fulfilling and meaningful careers.

The Art and Science of Writing Scholarly Articles

Enhance your ability to write and publish scholarly articles with guidance on research, writing, and submission processes.

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